"Crema Colomba" - Tiri Bakery

"Crema Colomba" - Tiri Bakery

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The creamiest Colomba there is.

All the taste of our famous Colomba, in a delicious cream.

With every spoonful, you will taste all the ingredients that have made so much appreciated our Easter yeast, such as the inebriant orange scent and the taste of our fine almonds.

A cream that surprises the palate thanks to its delicacy accompanied by a crunchy Colomba toasted grain.


Information Colomba Spreadable Cream

Weight: 160 g

Ingredients: almonds 40%, brown sugar, skimmed milk powder, Colomba grain 6% (wheat flour, candied orange peel (orange, glucose syrup, sugar), Australian raisins, butter, sugar, fresh Class A egg yolks, pasteurized 11%, natural sourdough (wheat), orange paste (orange, glucose syrup, sugar), almonds, honey, egg whites, malt, maize flour, salt, rice starch, sunflower seed oil, cocoa, natural vanilla berries of Madagascar), olive oil, cocoa butter, lactose, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural extract of vanilla berries.



May contain traces of other nuts (almonds, nuts, walnuts, pistachios), soy and sesame.
The highlighted ingredients can cause allergies or intolerances.