About Us

Hi, my name is Lewis and I’m the person behind Alfonso Gelateria.

My love for gelato began in Rome, where I was born and grew up. Living in Italy instilled in me a sincere appreciation for all things related to food. I moved to the UK in 2010 and every time I went back to Italy, I always wished I could bring back not only the flavours but also some of the lifestyle.

After finishing my degree in Chemistry in 2015, I began experimenting with ice cream recipes at home and inside me grew a deep desire to one day open up my own gelateria. Months of planning, meetings and hard work slowly turned what was initially a crazy idea into a side project. I used all my time off from work to go back to Rome and undertake professional training in the art of gelato making. Suddenly my side project was shaping into a real business.

  • alfonso-gelateria-truck-front

In all aspects of the gelateria, I aim to bring authenticity and a taste of real Italian culture. This is reflected in my lovely food truck itself, a converted Ape Piaggio, built in a small town near Naples.

The name is also close to my heart as it is my grandfather’s name. He still always talks about how he would have loved to open his own ice cream place if he could only go back.

My mission now is to bring the quality and flavour of artisan Italian ice-cream to Summertown where you will find me in front of the Helen and Douglas House vintage shop. I can’t wait to see you there and serve you something that I consider really special.